We want to …

• Continue on the path of responsible fiscal management of the municipality
• Organize apartments with service centers for senior citizens centrally located in Vellir
• Rebuild the Suðurbæjarlaug swimming pool and drasticly improve the facilities there
• Lower the enrollment age of children in kindergarted from 15 to 12 months
• Organize small apartments/cottages in Hamranes and secure sufficient supply of land
• Continue lowering municipal income tax, property taxes and service charges, with special emphasis on families with children
• Emphasize the building of a living center for disabled people
• Strenghten arts and crafts, innovation and technology in schools
• Increase recreation grants and strengthen the recreational-bus program
• Improve the facilities for outdoor activities near Hvaleyrarvatn and Kaldársel
• Improve children’s well-being in schools and early intervention
• Continue to strengthen the municipality‘s finances and finance new constructions with equity